Clay Critter - ages 3+

One lump of clay...ten nimble fingers...lots of fun clay stamps and tools...what will you sculpt?

We will show you the basics of scratch and attach, then you are set to create your own creature out of clay.  After you are done, you can glaze it today.  It will be ready for pick-up (or mailing) in 4-7 days, depending on the thickness.

Come up with your own idea for a project or by inspired by one of our samples on display: clay creatures, teapots, picture frames, vases, tiles, and sculptures. Jugglefish is a working studio during the off season and we are fully equipped with tools, equipment, glazes, and expertise.

$19–(1/4 lb of clay) or $24 (1/2 lb of clay).  Includes studio time, tools, glazes, kiln firing

Ice Cream Sundae Bowl or Plate - ages ~5+

Everything tastes better from a bowl you made from with your own hands.  For the cost of a paint-your-own bowl, we will guide you through the steps of making your own truly personal and unique bowl from scratch!  Food safe and ready to take home (or mailing) in about a week, depending on the thickness.

$29–Includes studio time, tools, glazes, kiln firing